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Soul Mate Channeling Through Positive Energy

Change your life and find true love by booking positive energy reading sessions and reviewing manifestation costs. We can help you realize a positive end to your love story with our channeling services.

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About Us

Create your love story with the soul mate channeling services offered by Soul Mate Manifestation in Las Vegas, Nevada. Using positive energy, we help manifest love, conveying what your soul mate is thinking and feeling by allowing their energy to flow through us.

We focus on positive energy to bring positive results, including connecting you with your soul mate and bringing you both closer to the commitment you have always wanted. By thinking differently, your energy changes and you can change outcomes.

With more than 15 years of channeling experience, we have brought together numerous individuals and created happily ever after in many people's love story. Through our own path to finding love, we learned how to work with the universe to manifest our own soul mate. It is our goal to help make the universe work for you.

Backed by research, our results are quickly seen and realized. For more than two and a half years, we have accurately conveyed what soul mates are feeling and thinking on various levels of the mind, heart, and soul.

Mission Statement

We want to make your love story work.

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"The manifesting is starting.... Thanks for your help my dear friend! Cuz so much more is going to be!" - Terry

"Fantastic on and said that everything was okay and just lay low for right now. She doesn't want to leave me or lose me." - Phil

"Really great thank you for clarifying!" - Lulu

"First time caller and WOW you blew me away! Your readings are so different and awesome than any other advisor. You truly will be added as #1 on my favorite list!" - Laura


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